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November Dinner Canceled – it’s CalTrans fault!

IMPORTANT – DUE to the uncertainties of the Bay Bridge repairs and bridge closure, the November Dinner is cancelled. The same menu will be prepared for the January dinner.

January 2010, Culinary Group DInner – The Rewards of Foraging

We will meet at the SF County Fair Building (AKA Hall of Flowers), Golden Gate Park, 9th and Lincoln, SF on Monday, January 4, 7 PM. Reservations for this dinner, as for all of our dinners, are required and must be made no later than Friday, October 30th. Seating is limited to no more than 60 diners. To reserve contact Pat George at (510) 204-9130 or Bring your own tableware, beverage and an appetizer to share (see below). Car pooling is encouraged. The MSSF Roster has pages listing members by city.
For this dinner we will feature foraged foods.
Punch ……………………………..Norm Andresen
Appetizers – Everyone brings them. We encourage you to bring appetizers made with foraged or wild ingredients (ones you get yourself or from markets that carry wild foods)
Lemon Linguine with Abalone …..Carol Reed
Salad……………………………….Lisa Bacon
String Beans w/Roasted Morels…Roy Coto
Tiramisu……………………………Dave Suurballe
Coffee……………………………..Remo Arancio

We have a raffle at our dinners. Bring something interesting to lovers of mushrooms and cooking, etc., for our raffle and you will receive 5 free raffle tickets. Prizes include tickets for free Culinary Group dinners.

Our next Culinary Group dinner will be February 1, 2010. To be part of the Culinary Group you must be a member of the MSSF.

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