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April Culinary Group Dinner

Spring has arrived though the gods of water and wind don’t seem to know that yet. We do, and will have a fine Spring menu for the April 4, 2011, Culinary Group dinner. We meet at 7 pm at the San Francisco County Fair Building (aka, Hall of Flowers), Golden Gate Park, 9th and Lincoln, SF. The dinners are open to current MSSF members and their guests. Reservations are required and must be made no later than Friday, April 1st (no fooling!). Make your reservation online by going to You may also contact Pat George at (510) 204-9130 for reservations or other information. We keep our reservation numbers at a maximum of 60 so reserve earlier rather than later.
Be sure to bring all you own tableware as the venue does not provide linens, dishes, utensils, glassware, etc. Also bring your favorite dinner beverage and an appetizer to share. The dinner will be $16 per person, $15 for seniors and students.
Punch ………..We need a replacement volunteer for this
Spring Vegetables, Green……….Honoria Sarmento, Monique Carment
Salad………….Pat George
Leg of Lamb….George Collier
A Sauce of Wild Mushrooms..David Campbell
Roasted Red Potatoes…Kathleen Madsen
Dessert of Galactobouriko (Greek custard filling in layers of phyllo with lemon syrup)….Dave Bell, Dasha Bell
Coffee………..We need a new volunteer for this important job. Please consider taking it over for next season. You will not be expected to cook if you make coffee for our dinners.

We will have our riotous and righteous raffle so bring an item to donate that is of interest to mushroomers and cooks and you will receive 5 free raffle tickets.
Please be sure to help with the clean-up after the dinner.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: May will be our last Culinary Group dinner for this season. Be thinking about what you would like to cook for it.
We need to increase our volunteer cooks base. We are a participatory group. EVERYONE SHOULD VOLUNTEER AT LEAST ONCE A SEASON for the dinners, and not just to bring appetizers but take part in preparing mains, sides, dessert, punch. We are changing how we organize the dinners. We are considering reinstating the Culinary Group membership dues and will have sign-up opportunities at the April and the May dinners in preparation for our next season, which begins in September. We anticipate having a leader (a captain, so to speak) and a crew of cooks volunteer for each monthly dinner, well in advance. We have a fine battery of kitchen needs, such as large pans and pots, available for volunteer cooks to use for the dinners and we have many people with expertise and experience willing to advise and assist, if needed. Volunteer cooks are, of course, reimbursed for their grocery expenses when they cook for us.
We welcome any suggestions our members have regarding the structure and functioning of the Culinary Group.
See you at dinner,

8 Responses to “April Culinary Group Dinner”

  1. Kathleen Madsen, cook says:

    will cook roasted red potates.
    Bringing Bill Ledeen and Shirley Bates as guests.
    Thank you.

  2. Kathleen Madsen, cook says:

    bringing Bill Ledeen and Shirley Bates as guests.

  3. I enjoy cooking…my son also enjoys cooking.

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