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Upcoming Cultivation Classes 2010

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Look for a new series of mushroom cultivation workshops,using a variety of modalities , this winter and spring 2010.  Some topics of these one day workshops include:

-Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation

-Indoor Mushroom Cultivation

-Culinary Uses of Mushrooms

-Mushroom Aesthetics

Check back for dates and details.

MycoBioCultivRemediation Potluck

Monday, November 9th, 2009


We’ll have a Thanksgiving Sunday Mycoremediation Bioremediation Mushroom Cultivation Potluck Shebang at the Biofuel Oasis in Berkeley from Noonish to 5ish November 29th. We’ll be mycoremediating and bioremediating and planting some new raised beds that have some hydrocarbon contamination from the previous gas station that the Biofuel Oasis replaced. This is the place to get some hands on know how of remediating soil with mushrooms and other biological organisms. It will be a potluck party so bring your friends and favorite dish or Thanksgiving leftovers to share. You can also bring in the mushrooms you find to get them identified and possibly cooked up.

Contact Ken Litchfield: if you plan on attending.   Check back for updates.