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How to Treat the Mushroom Blocks from Far West Fungi Field Trip

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

A transfer hood for transfering small batches of mushroom spawn

If you joined us on the Far West Fungi Field Trip and brought back some of the mushroom blocks to use in your garden here’s some info on how to treat them:

Soak them in water in a tub or barrel with a weighted board on top to keep them submerged for 12-24 hours (not much longer at one time as they may drown) and then put them bottom side down on a bed of chippy wood chips 6-12″ deep and 3×3 or 4×4′ or longer in length if you have more blocks. The blocks should be placed side by side butted up against each other and they will often grow back together sideways especially if they are all of one kind like shiitakes or oysters, if you can tell them apart. Cover with 6-12″ of fluffy straw, excelsior, or draped burlap to provide a humidity layer for the mushrooms to fruit into.

They can grow through the bottom of the block and pick up more nutrients from the chips to keep fruiting all during the rainy season. The chips should be chippy wood chips of ground logs and branches as opposed to leafy/twiggy stuff that gets moldy easily. You can also put down a layer of wetted unwaxed cardboard on top of the chips and sometimes that makes it easier for the mushrooms to leap out of the bottom of the blocks onto the cardboard and grow through it into the chips.

Your success may vary depending upon how fresh the blocks are and the type of mushroom and how regular the rains are in the season as extra watering maybe needed. Check through the straw once a week or so for fruiting mushrooms and keep the straw fluffed so it doesn’t get compacted.

Let me know on your progress at

MSSF Cultivation x Dress Head Womens Little Black Dress – Chic / Conservative

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Looking for something to wear in the winter? This woolen fabric with cotton material would should keep you warm. This MSSF Cultivation x Dress Head Womens Little Black Dress – Chic / Conservative is available in black or dark red. The dress is skirt length coming just above the knee and is long sleeved. This one piece dress is contoured mid frame area to show curves but is loose fitting for comfort ability. This dress is perfect for the office or everyday wear. The dress has a back zipper for easy dressing and slit for easy movement. The rounded neck and fitted bust line provides a slimming, fitted, and elegant look to this plain Jane attire. This dress is can be worn separately or with blazer. The MSSF Cultivation x Dress Head Womens Little Black Dress – Chic / Conservative has accenting threading hemmed down dress for an even more slimming effect. Definitely a must have for those cold days, and a must have for the office.

Fall Far West Fungi Farm Potluck BBQ Field Trip – Sunday October 17 Noon to 3ish

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Hey all,

The Merritt Community College Mushroom Cultivation class is having our annual fall potluck BBQ field trip to the organic Far West Fungi Farm in Moss Landing on Sunday October 17th from noon to 3ish.

We are inviting the Mycological Society of San Francisco to join us for this popular shebang. John and Toby Garrone, MSSF members, who have their Far West Fungi shop at the Ferry Building in SF, grow white, gray, brown, pink, gold, and trumpet oysters, shiitake, lion’s mane, maitake, and reishi in several large warehouses along with some acreage of traditional crop plants that their employees grow for their own use. They grow everything certified organic on recycled materials.

After the farm tour John and Toby will have their big grill out for grilling their fresh mushrooms and what ever grillables you bring. It is free with admission of a pot luck item or slabs of something for the grill. You may invite your friends with their potlucks, too.

For East Bay folks (or West Bayers BARTing) that want to carpool we’ll meet at 9amish and leave by 10ish at the Rockridge BART. Bring your car and yourself and we’ll see how many cars can park there and how many will take passengers. Riders usually pay $5 to the driver for gas. Email me if you would like to participate in the carpool. If West Bay folks would like to organize a carpool at one of the peninsular BART stations let me know and maybe we can help coordinate that.

After the tour and potluck we can raid the recycle pile for mushroom compost and bring back as many once-harvested mushroom blocks as we can carry. We try to take as big vehicles as possible to pick up as many mushroom blocks as you like. Bring big tough plastic garbage bags to sort and carry the various types. Or plastic trash cans. The blocks have plenty of life left in them and can be used to make mushroom beds in your back yard that can continue fruiting for months during the rainy season. We describe that process to you there.

Getting ready to raid the the recycle pile

Brign your cameras for pix and vids.

You may also purchase fresh organically grown mushrooms from the Garrones at the farm.

Thanks Ken

litchfield dot ken at gmail dot com

Farm-Far West Fungi
1186 Trafton Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039
(831) 728-5469
The farm is off of Highway 1 south of Watsonville (2 routes available)

South 280 to Hwy 85, follow to Hwy 17 (towards Santa Cruz)
Hwy 1 South towards Watsonville, turn right on Jensen Road (at Dominic’s Fruit Stand – defunct) Right on Bluff Rd., right on Bluff, right of Trafton Rd.
First driveway on the left

101 South passed Gilroy, 129 west to Watsonville, South on Hwy 1
Right on Jensen Road ( at Dominic’s Fruit Stand)
Right on Bluff Road, Right on Trafton Road.
First driveway on the left