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Posted on 07 October 2010 by klitchfield

NOTE: We’ll do a free form fermentation experimentation at the MSSF Mendocino Camp, Sat Night 11/19.


WHEN:  typically the 4th Sunday of the month from 3pm-5(ish)pm

WHERE:  The Landscape/Horticulture Dept. at Merritt College Campus, room 108  *Unless Otherwise Noted*

WHO:  Us in the email listing but feel free to bring any fermenter friends, we’ll keep it to actual fermenting participants to keep our numbers reasonable

WHY: why not, learning and sharing is fun

WHAT: A group of interested people sharing knowledge on the fermentation process.  Typical examples are products like wine, beer, mead, bread, kaffir, miso, kombucha, etc.  but more exotic ideas are always welcome.  The club is set up where each participant brings in a fermentation for the monthly meeting and using show and tell style describes his/her process and ideas to the rest of the group.  We expect to have a wide variety of participants who have varying levels of experience so please don’t feel any intimidation or stress about what to “plan”  for each meeting.  We’re aren’t getting graded we’re just sharing cool potentials. So with that, bring in successful batches; bring in failed batches (what another excellent way to learn!!), bring in basic batches, bring in advanced batches.  I’m sure you get the idea….Also feel free to bring in any accouterments for the fermentation that will enhance the palette experience (aka POT-LUCK!!!!)

Feel free to email me any questions,