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Merritt Mushroom Cultivation Class

Posted on 19 October 2010 by klitchfield

Ken demonstrates drilling an oak log to inoculate mushroom dowels

Ken teaches Mushroom Cultivation in the Landscape Horticulture Department at Merritt Community College — incorporation of mushrooms in the landscape and garden for food, medicine, aesthetics, soil building, composting, and bioremediation. How these organisms function similarly and differently with plants. Study of relationships with plants, taxonomy, and lore. Growing mushrooms like plants in the home garden by regular non sterile organic gardening techniques. Translation of sterile laboratory methods to home kitchen use, kitchen capture of wild mushrooms on home made agar tubes and ramping up by kitchen home canning methods.

Beneficial Beasts

In addition to Mushroom Cultivation, Ken teaches Beneficial Beasts in the Garden and Landscape, and Growing and Using Healthful Herbs. Ken prefers teaching the 5 Kingdom Method presenting the ecological relationships of the three macrobiological kingdoms of Plants, Animals and Fungi (the Kingdom of the Blobs) with the Celestial Kingdom for sunlight, rain, and gravity and the Mineral Kingdom for minerals, compost, and the microfloralfaunalfungal organisms that ferment nutritional amalgams to feed the whole system that is manipulated by the human gardenfarmanager symbionts so no poisonous pesticides are ever needed because everything is diversified and shared in the pursuit of long term happiness, health, and wealth rather than monocultured and commoditied for immediate gratification.

working in the herb garden