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Stephanie Wright is an outside platform (used by many clubs/organizations/groups as a replacement for Yahoo Groups).

  • You have to create a login.
    • This is not directly connected to the membership system
    • You could choose to use the same username/password, or different username or password.
    • A password reset in will not reset your password.
  • In your member settings, please include your full name in the "Display Name" field, to facilitate the verification process with the MSSF member database - thanks!
  • We'd like to encourage you to add a photo to your profile since many of us have not met in person yet.

Many of you many already have a account because other clubs or organizations you belong to use it. There are options for global settings, and custom settings for individual groups you belong to.

Your email Delivery Settings

Email Delivery Options
Some people like to get individual messages, others prefer a daily summary, still other prefer no email at all. If you choose the "no email" option, you can view messages/topics on the web page.

The Messages page allows you to view, and filter.

The calendar includes upcoming MSSF events. If a meeting is being conducted on Zoom, the calendar has a link for the meeting. More details about events will usually be found on the MSSF website - on the calendar, meeting or event registration areas. At the moment, the Wiki has only a small amount of material, but more will be added.

Mycena News - November 2022

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