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January 2010 Culinary Dinner

Monday, December 21st, 2009

January 2010, MSSF Culinary Group

The Rewards of Foraging


Appetizers Everyone
We encourage you to bring appetizers made with foraged or wild ingredients (ones you get yourself, or from stores that carry wild foods)
Salad Lisa Bacon
Abalone with Lemon Linguine & Vegetables Carol Reed
String Beans with Roasted Morels Roy Coto
Punch Norm Andresen
Tiramisu David Suurballe
Coffee Remo Arancio

Reservations for this dinner are required, no later than Friday, January 1st. There are only 60 spaces available – to reserve your space: contact Pat George at (510) 204-9130 or

  • For our website, your photos and commentary are desired.
  • For our February 1st dinner, your culinary ideas and expertise are welcome — join our esteemed group of volunteer chefs.
  • Our raffle is always fun, if you would like 5 free raffle tickets — bring something interesting to add to the collection.

Date, Time, Location & Logistics

  • Date: Monday, January 4, 2009, 7 PM.
  • Price: $16 (we are prorating annual dues into dinner prices), $15 for seniors/students
  • Location: SF Fair Building (AKA Hall of Flowers), Golden Gate Park, 9th & Lincoln, San Francisco
  • As usual, bring your own tableware, an appetizer to share & a favorite beverage.
  • Car Pooling is encouraged; the roster includes a list of members by city.

For a PDF of the flyer: January 2010 Culinary Dinner Flyer

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