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Andresen & Campbell’s “Viking Feast”

Wild Mushroom /Beef Soup served at the April, 2009, meeting of the Culinary Group of MSSF.

Norman and David collected all the mushrooms in this soup during recent treks, near and far, in California, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho.

Mushrooms used were dried product, except for the fresh Hedgehog.

  • King Bolete-Boletus edulis (CA)
  • Scaber Stalk-Leccinum ponderosum (OR)
  • Black Trumpet-Craterellus cornucopioides (CA)
  • Oyster Mushroom-Pleurotus ostreatus(NM)
  • Hawk’s Wing- Sarcodon imbricatum (CO)
  • Morel- Morchella conica, M. tomentosa (CA, ID)
  • Hedgehog-Hydnum repandum (CA)

All mushrooms were browned prior to introduction to the broth. All soaking liquids were incorporated into the soup. For app. 7 gallons of soup we used well over a pound of dried mushrooms.

*Braised Beef

Norm browned and braised the beef (ribs and chuck roast) with Porcini and Black Trumpets on super-low heat overnight.

*Barley with Wild & Forbidden Rice

A delightful blend of rustic yet exotic grains. The grains should be introduced in sequence or cooked in individual batches to accommodate their individual cooking needs. Note that Jasmine rice listed on the menu was not actually used in the soup (chefs’ last minute decision, we figured we already had enough grain.), although a couple of diners nonetheless commented that Jasmine rice didn’t seem very Viking. Au contraire, as Viking Norman pointed out, Viking trade routes with Asia are ancient. These critics failed to observe that Forbidden Rice, which indeed was in the soup, is also from Asia. Total grain app. 2 lb.

*Onion / Carrot / Celery / Chard

The soup is based on a mirepoix (sauted chopped onion, carrot celery). The chard was added directly to the broth at the end as a lightly cooked green. This soup works beautifully as a vegetarian dish omitting the beef and sticking to vegetable broth. The original recipe idea comes from Jane Grigson’s classic “The Mushroom Feast”, “Mushroom Barley Soup in the Middle European Tradition”, calling for porcini and chicken broth, and polishing with a roux at the end.

*Stock: Beef / Mushroom / Vegetable / Chicken

We made a significant portion of the stock and also purchased some. Overall, we used app. 4 gallons.

*Fresh Thyme / Parsley / Rosemary / Lovage

*Dried Italian Bay Leaf

The herbs (except the parsley, which was chopped and floated) were bound in a celery stalk wrap and infused during the final phase of cooking.

The following items polished the soup just prior to serving.

*Madeira / Cream / Sea Salt

*Brown Truffle butter, Leucangium carthusianum (OR)

*White Truffle oil, Tuber oregonense (OR)

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