MSSF Annual Fungus Fair
January 23, 2022

The Fungus Fair has been cancelled.

As of New Years Day, 2022, the COVID-19 community transmission level was rated "HIGH" in Contra Costa County where the fair venue is located, and the weekly change in new cases is up 170% over the previous week.

2022 Fungus Fair Art
In the San Francisco Bay Area, when the first rains tease up the chanterelles and porcini, fungus lovers head to the Fungus Fair: A Celebration of Wild Mushrooms.
Hands-on activities at the Fungus Fair include crafts, mushroom dyes, and do-it-yourself mushroom growing kits.
We have many educational tables on varied subjects such as:
- Identification table - bring your specimens to find out what you found!
- medicinal mushrooms
- myco-remediation
- cultivation
- ecology
- lichens
- psychoactive fungi
- toxicology

- microscopes and spore prints

There will be a naturalistic woodland display and tables with more than 300 identified species of locally collected fungi.

The Fair provides information on the uses and abuses of fungi, with displays and exhibits on ecology, toxicology, and cultivation. Arrays of identification tables display locally collected mushrooms. Campsite gourmands learn how to serve up the safe and scrumptious species through identification tutorials, and sales of recipe books, soups, snacks, and fresh edibles.

Past Fairs

The Mycological Society of San Francisco has been hosting 1 or 2 Fungus Fairs each year since 1969. Fairs have been held in San Francisco County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, and Marin County. Historical information is available about previous Fungus Fairs: